Crew Team Descriptions

Crew members are formed into teams, each with its own specific function. When you register for the crew, you may indicate a preference for up to four Crew team, and we will assign you to a Crew team based on the needs of the event first, and then we will make every effort to assign you to a Crew team of your choice. Crew teams are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so availability is limited. When registering online, please use the comments box to specify your team for those with multiple options.

All Crew members must be at least 18 years old on or before the start date of their event.

Your crew assignment is for the entire event, though re-assignments may be made necessary. Each individual Crew team will have a volunteer Crew Team Leader, who will report to the Crew Division Leaders and the staff Crew Coordinator.


These teams are responsible for providing medical and emotional support to participants during the Overnight.

35480904412_0_BG.jpgRoute Medical
Comprised of a variety of Medical Professionals, including EMTs and paramedics, this team provides First Aid Medical support, including setting up and breaking down the supplies and cots within the Medical tents, at each of the Rest Stops and Midnight Snack along the route. Will manage any emergency situations that arise, until local emergency Medical Services arrive on the scene. Must provide license/certification and proof of insurance.

Ceremonies Medical
Comprised of a variety of Medical Professionals, this team provides all First-Aid Medical services to participants at the Ceremony site, including setting up and breaking down the supplies and cots within the Medical tent at the Ceremony site, and will provide emergency service where necessary until local EMS/Paramedics arrive on scene. The Medical tent opens at midnight. Must provide license/certification and proof of insurance.

Participant Support
Stationed at Rest/Quick Stops and Midnight Snack, this team provides extra emotional support to Walkers and Crew who need it. Members of this team are expected to work as a member of the Rest/Quick Stop or Midnight Snack team to which they are assigned, under the assumption that their priority is to assist with all of the duties the stop requires (i.e. setup, snack distribution, hydration, morale) unless otherwise needed as Participant Support. Members of this team should have a history working in the area of social work, crisis management or other related professions and should be able to lift 40+ lbs.   


Small teams between one and six people generally assigned to work in roles assisting Staff.

Bus Liaisons
A small team of people each assigned to ride one of the SAG buses to assist with directions for their designated bus driver. These buses transport Walkers from Rest Stops or Midnight Snack to the Ceremony site, once Walkers have determined that they cannot complete the route. Often, this team provides necessary moral support for Walkers who are disheartened by their inability to complete the route. Members of this team should have a good sense of direction (basic knowledge of local city streets a plus), and good communication skills through use of cellular phone.OOTD_Crew_Pics.jpg

Caboose Assistant
Rides bicycle along route, following last walker(s), offering assistance where needed. Will work in conjunction with Caboose Staff Member, who is also on a bike. Required to bring own bicycle and helmet.

Medical Taxi
This team works primarily with the Incident Response and Medical teams, providing non-emergency transportation to and from area hospitals. Occasionally might be called upon by Dispatch to run other necessary errands on the route when working with a participant in need. Should have personal vehicle (to be used as Taxi) and valid insurance. Should be able to lift 20 lbs.

Rest Stop Closure Assistants
Drive Rest Stop Closure Staff along route. Work with Rest/Quick Stop and Midnight Snack Crew teams to close individual stops according to schedule. Assist at stop with walker counts, morale, and various other small tasks. Should have personal vehicle (to be used as Rest Stop Closure vehicle) and valid insurance.

ROAD TEAMS35446014412_0_BG.jpg

These teams work along the route to ensure participant safety.

Motorcycle Safety
Works with Road Dispatch Staff and local law enforcement to guarantee safe passage for Walkers along the route. Assist at difficult intersections and other locations as requested. Team members must provide own motorcycle and helmet, as well as valid motorcycle license and insurance.

Rest Stops/Quick Stops /Midnight Snack
Each Rest/Quick Stop will be assigned a team of Crew Members to manage set-up, food distribution, and traffic control at each location. Quick Stops are just a smaller version of a Rest Stop with no snacks and no Medical tent. There is also a Midnight Snack stop where Walkers will be served a late-night meal. Should be able to lift 40+ lbs.

Route Clean-Up
This team is responsible for the pick-up of bagged trash from each Rest/Quick Stop. Dumpsters are provided at the Midnight Snack location and at the Ceremony site, so all trash must be transported to these locations. Should be able to lift 50+ lbs and be able to drive a 15’ truck.

Route Water & Ice
This team assists in the distribution and replenishment of water and ice needed for each of the Rest/Quick Stops. Will also assist with pick-up of leftover water and ice as the route closes. Team works closely with Road Dispatch Staff to be certain that all Stops have sufficient hydration supplies throughout the night. Should be able to lift 60+ lbs and able to drive a 15’ truck.

Route Marking – Advance
This team works to mark the physical route so that Walkers know where to go! The Advance Team will begin early Saturday morning and work throughout the day to mark the entire route (attention to detail is critical since the Walkers will rely upon Route Marking to find their way!). Should be able to lift 30 lbs and be able to spend long periods of time on your feet. Should be comfortable driving in the city, navigating, or riding a bicycle.

Route Marking - Fix-It & Clean-Up
The Fix-It Team circulates along the route addressing problem areas where signage might be insufficient or need replacement. The Clean-Up Team follows behind the last Walker to pick up all Route Marking signage. Should be able to lift 30 lbs.

Team consists of several event provided vehicles, each with a driver and a navigator. Each vehicle patrols a section of the route between Stops, lending assistance to Walkers who are injured, disabled, or that could just use a little “bump up” along the route and transports them to the next Stop.

Trail Sweep
Each Trail Sweep team member rides a bicycle, patrolling a section of the route and making sure that no Walker feels “alone.” Required to bring own bicycle and helmet.



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