Participating in the 2014 Overnight as a member of a team is one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated - not just in training and fundraising, but also that extra support or push you might occasionally need to keep going. Teams are also a wonderful way to become involved in the Overnight Community and meet new people or strengthen the bonds within your existing network. You can even ask your teammates to invite others to join the team; remember, there's strength in numbers.  By bringing new people to the cause, you’re creating ambassadors who in turn can spread awareness about the importance of our mission.

How Does Team Fundraising Work?

Team members are often a great help to your fundraising campaign. In fact, we often find that event participants who are on a team raise more donations individually than those without a team to support them. Why? They have the benefit of their team members' advice and encouragement and the ability to collaborate on hosting a variety of group events for joint fundraising efforts.

There are two important things to note about fundraising when you're on a team:

Are you thinking about starting a team? Become a Team Captain!

Team Captains have the power to inspire your teammates to go the distance, to fundraise and to walk more miles than they ever imagined. Your team can be any group of people of any number. It might be a naturally formed group, like co-workers, neighbors, or families. It could be a group of people with something in common, or nothing in common, that wanted to form a team. Maybe you’re life-long friends or maybe you’ve never met face-to-face. You are the unifier, bringing together groups of people from all walks of life in support of a single mission: preventing suicide.

**If you're a team captain willing to take on "solos," a solo walker looking to participate with a great group of people, or if you're just looking to connect with other walkers (team or individual) prior to the 2014 Out of the Darkness Overnight, please contact or 888-TheOvernight (888-843-6837).**

If you see a team you'd like to join, would like more information, or have any questions about teams, please contact the Teams Coordinator, Erin Kenny, at or call 888-843-6837.

We're here to support you every step of the way

How Do I Start or Join a Team?

When registering for the Overnight online, choose the "Join A Team" option. A drop-down menu will appear with a list of current teams; just choose the one you're looking for. There's also a link option to "Create a New Team" - just click on this and fill in the necessary information. If you're registering at an Introduction Meeting or are having trouble with the online form, call your Walker Coach or the Overnight Office at 888-TheOvernight (888-843-6837).

Attention: Team Leaders and Those Looking to Join a Team

You can help to grow and strengthen the Overnight Community. We have many Walkers signing on to walk "solo" (though of course no one is ever really alone during the Overnight) who would love to walk as part of a team. We also have many great team leaders who are looking expand their groups, and we can help to put you all together.

As diverse a group as the Overnight Community might be, we all have something in common: a strong desire to improve and save the lives of those affected by suicide and depression. That's a very powerful bond.

Are you an organization that wants to start a team and would like more information?

Contact us at 888-TheOvernight (888-843-6837) or and we will be happy to host an exclusive phone information meeting for members of your group.  These meetings are a great chance to learn all about the Overnight and how it helps support those affected by suicide and depression as well as get all of your questions answered!




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