Raise $10,000 and Become a North Star

For thousands of years, people have looked to the North Star to direct, guide and lead them on their journey. It is the brightest star in the sky, and the only constant star in the sky. It doesn't appear to move or change its position. What better icon, then, to represent those people who are the foundation of AFSP's fundraising and their strongest supporters? The North Stars are our guiding lights.

Bring the cause of suicide prevention to the forefront of awareness. You too can be a North Star for a world living in the dark about this cause, for the people who struggle with depression and desperately need help. We're asking you to do something truly bold - to set your fundraising goal at $10,000. It's an ambitious goal. But the fight to prevent suicide needs leaders. We need our North Stars.

Once you achieve the $10,000 fundraising goal, you will receive:

Top fundraisers will receive additional recognition and rewards:

Set your fundraising goal at $10,000 (or more!) and start shining your light. For help, contact us at 888-TheOvernight or coaches@theovernight.org.

*Funds must appear on your DonorDrive page by Friday, May 9, 2014 to receive two night stay in host hotel(s). Participants should book their own rooms in advance and AFSP will contact all qualifying North Stars to obtain reservation numbers in order to pay hotel directly for 2 nights of your stay. Offer valid at host hotel(s) only.
**Funds must appear on your DonorDrive page by Friday, June 6th for Seattle Overnight and Friday, June 20th for Philadelphia Overnight.




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