This December while everyone was getting ready to celebrate Christmas with their families, I was waiting to bury my aunt. It was sudden, painful and totally unexpected. You see, 3 days before Christmas my aunt, more of a big sister to me, took her own life.

When I woke up that day, I never expected to hear my aunt was missing. Nor did I expect the pain of hearing she was gone. This time that is normally one of my favorite of the year, will now forever be laden with the grief and loss of losing my aunt so tragically.

My aunt was only 50 years young, and was very close to me. So much so she was even in the delivery room with me when my now 15 year old was born. Losing her has been one of the most numbing and painful experiences I have ever gone through in my life.

While grieving her, I reached out to a friend who has also lost loved ones to suicide and she told me about the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and their Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk. It's in Seattle this year and is literally 17 miles overnight this June 14-15.

This walk was a huge part of my friend's healing so she encouraged me to do it with her this year. I know this walk is a BIG challenge and honestly I'm terrified, but I know its going to help me through my grief.

So I am doing all I can to make this happen.

Due to a foot injury I can only walk about 5 miles right now. I'm training very hard to get to 17 miles. Plus, I am worried about meeting the $1000 minimum fundraising goal. It's a lot to do when some days, I am only able to get out bed. But I WILL make it!

This is where I'm asking for your help. Can you please help me get there by donating?

Even a small donation could help save someone's life, and it is tax-deductible. The AFSP has many life-saving programs I can tell you about: education, research, legislative advocacy, even support for those who have lost loved ones to suicide. Let me know if you'd like to hear more.

Some days are better than others, but there are still lots of tears shed for my aunt. It's hard to realize I will never understand why it happened. And if I can help even ONE family from having to go through the immense grief and pain that my family has gone through, I know I am making a change in the world.

Thanks for all your love and support!


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