In January 2012, my younger sister and only sibling Stephanie died by suicide.  She was 30 years old and had struggled bravely for years in the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse. 

Four years later, I'm confronted every day by her absence, by the suffering she experienced, and by the horror of her death.  I wrestle with survivor guilt, deep regret, and most of all the loss of a warm, funny, brilliant person whom I imagined would travel alongside me from nearly the beginning of my life to its end.  Her death has left a ragged hole in my family.  We struggle to move forward without her and find new ways to live our lives.

Thank you for your support on my fourth 18-mile Overnight walk in Stephie's honor.  I am walking to feel less alone in tragedy, and I am walking to speak up about subjects that are often left in the shadows.  I hope that someday, we can save women, men, and children who are suffering as Stephie did.  She's gone.  But maybe I can help someone else.


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