How We Support You

Inspiring Coaches
Call a Coach at 888-TheOvernight (888-843-6837) whenever you have a question, a doubt, a success story or an idea you want some help with. We are experts at inspiration, motivation, support, advice and most importantly, listening.

Training Assistance
This is a tough challenge you're taking on - we won't deny it. Your commitment, endurance, and perseverance will be put to the test. But we'll help you through the process. We organize volunteer-led training walks of varying lengths and difficulties. So you can get in shape while meeting fellow walkers in your neighborhood. Remember, everyone else who has registered for this event is in the same situation as you - they may not be ready now, but they will be, with our help. Just check our training walk schedule online or give us a call to find a training walk or become a training walk leader.

Fundraising Advice
Each walker agrees to raise at least $1,000. You may have never raised that much money before, but don't worry. We have helped thousands of people raise millions of dollars for charity and we'll be here to help you every step of the way. In your registration kit, you'll get complete information on how to be a successful fundraiser. We also have a staff of Coaches to give you advice, inspire you, and help you exceed your fundraising goals. Once you start talking to your family and friends about your commitment to this cause, you'll be surprised by their generosity. You're doing something that most people have never dared to do - go the extra mile.

Your Personal Webpage
Your DonorDrive page is a great fundraising tool that lets you put the power of the worldwide web to work. It's a great way to share your journey with family and friends, and raise even more money for charity. It's also fast, free, and easy to do - even if you're a computer novice. You can post a personalized greeting, check your donation report and more.

Safety First
Safety is our number one priority. Every detail of the event is studied and executed with the greatest of care. We don't take chances when it comes to your safety.

Medical Care
You'll never be far away from medical attention at any point along the route, should you need it. We have an incredible team of volunteer doctors and other medical professionals joining The Overnight. No matter what ails you - from the inevitable blister to a sprain or strain - we're here for you.

The Incredible Crew
Thanks to an all-volunteer Crew and a staff of friendly faces to cheer you on and help you along the way, your worries are kept to a minimum. The Crew keeps everything running smoothly, working around the clock to keep you comfortable and safe.

Rest Stops Along the Way
Out on the road, rest stops line the route every few miles, stocked with water, sports drinks, high-energy snacks, and other nourishment to keep you going. When you're on the go and you've got to go, don't worry. We also provide toilet facilities at rest stops and other key locations along the route.

Leave No One Behind
If for any reason at all, you don't feel you can - or should - finish the day's mileage, we will provide you with transportation to the Closing Ceremony.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies
On Saturday evening, before the journey begins, we'll take a moment to reflect on what brought us here - the memories of lives lost, and hope for the future. When you reach the end of the road on Sunday morning, you'll be greeted by your fellow walkers and volunteers for an inspiring and reflectful Closing Ceremony.






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