Get Involved in the Overnight

There are many ways to get involved in the Out of the Darkness Overnight, starting with registering as a Walker. Walkers need to put the most into the event preparations as they fundraise and train but, some say, get the most out of the experience. Walking through the night as a member of such an extraordinary community will leave you forever changed. Learn more about the Walker experience or Register Now for the 2014 Overnight Walks in Philadelphia and Seattle.

Crew Members
Crew members might argue that their experience is equally fulfilling, for without the Crew, there would literally be no event. They pay a registration fee and are present from start to finish (and often before and after!). They are the event's backbone, providing the human support system that keeps everything running and everyone walking. The Crew hand out food and water, tend to any stray blisters or other minor medical needs, direct traffic and get you safely through some intersections, mark the route and much, much more. Learn more about the roles of these very important people or save your spot to join the Crew - positions are limited. Crew members are required to register for the Overnight and commit to working the entire event.

Volunteers help out in many ways and often start months before the event. We always need a few extra pairs of hands in the office during the event planning season to put together mailings, make phone calls, and just generally support the staff. During the event itself, we welcome volunteers who can spare a few hours to help with some of the many and varied tasks involved in making an event of this magnitude run smoothly. Find out about volunteer opportunities. Volunteers do not need to register for the Overnight (although registered participants can also volunteer for pre-event activities).

Still want to be more involved?
You can always make a donation, either to a specific walker or crew member or directly to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The AFSP also has other activities supporting their work - more information can be found on the AFSP website.






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