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What is the Out of the Darkness Overnight?
It is a walk of 16 to 18 miles through the night, from dusk to dawn. The Overnight is designed to raise funds and awareness and help end the stigma surrounding suicide and depression. Every 13.7 minutes in the U.S., someone dies by suicide and more than 19 million Americans suffer from depression each year. We're bringing together friends, family members and loved ones whose lives have been touched by suicide or depression, giving a voice to issues that have previously been kept in silence and an opportunity to reflect and share with others touched by this tragedy.

How do I form a team?
You can choose to create your own team or select a team to join from the drop down box when you register online. Or call 888-TheOvernight (888-843-6837) to register and indicate that you would like to start a team. If you want to form a team but you've already registered as an individual walker, call 888-TheOvernight (888-843-6837).

Is there a minimum age requirement for the event?
Walkers must be at least 14 years old on or before the date of the Out of the Darkness Overnight. Minor walkers 14-17 years of age must be accompanied throughout the event by a parent or guardian who is also a registered Walker. During the registration process, parents of the registering minor must complete either a Participation of Minor Consent Form (if the parent will be participating in the Overnight with the minor) or a Designated Supervision of Minor Consent Form (if the parent wishes to designate another adult to serve as guardian and participate with the minor on the Overnight).

Crew Members must be at least 18 years old on or before the date of the walk.

Is insurance required?
We very, very strongly recommend personal health insurance for each participant. In the event that you become ill or are injured during the event and have to be transported to a hospital, you will be responsible for 100% of transportation and service costs. Our medical team can only provide basic first aid services.

Do I need permission from my doctor in order to participate?
We strongly encourage all Walkers and Crew members to discuss their participation with their personal physician. If you have significant medical history, you may be asked to get a note of authorization in order to participate.

How do I contact you?
The Out of the Darkness Overnight staff can be contacted at:
888-TheOvernight (888-843-6837) or

Our mailing address is:
120 Wall Street, Floor 29
New York, NY 10005


I'm a member of the press and would like to do a story about the Overnight Walk or the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Whom should I contact?
You can email or call our communications department directly at 1-888-333-2377 Ext. 2032.

2014 Overnight Walk National Press Release

FOR THE MEDIA: Interviews, photos, and videos available in advance of the Overnight Walk. Opportunities will also be available for on-site interviews, photos, and videos during the Overnight Walk. Contact with questions or requests.


How far do I have to walk?
The Overnight walk is 16 to 18 miles; however, we do have support services for those who may be unable to complete the entire mileage. If at any point during the event you feel you are unable to continue, you can step to the side of the route and you will be picked up and taken to the next rest stop or to the Closing Ceremony location.

How do you support the walkers along the route?
Rest stops line the route every few miles, with water, sports drinks, snacks, and toilet facilities. Halfway along the route, we will provide you with a midnight meal.

What time does the event begin and end?
The Opening Ceremony will begin at approximately 7:00pm, around sunset. The event will conclude with a Closing Ceremony beginning at approximately 5:00am, as the sun rises. The exact times for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are subject to change. Approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the event, all registered participants will receive information with the exact times of the opening and closing points of the event to help you make your plans.

I observe a Saturday Sabbath and cannot begin walking until after sundown. Can I still participate?
Yes. You'll need to check in at the Opening Ceremony site by 9:30 pm on Saturday evening. From there, you'll board a bus to take you to a rest stop where you can begin walking. There will not be enough time to walk the entire route, but you will be able to cover most of it from the rest stop. Please inform your Coach ahead of time if you plan to choose this option so that we can ensure sufficient transportation for everyone.

What will the route be?
For participant safety we will not release the full route until the night of the event.


How much money am I required to raise to participate?
Each Walker agrees to raise a minimum of $1,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Net proceeds will fund research, education, survivor and awareness programs - both to prevent suicide and to assist those affected by suicide. Crew members (who support the Walkers along the route, but do not walk the 18 miles) are not required, but are encouraged and supported, to fundraise.

We also have a discount program for full-time students and military personnel, who are required to raise $700. If you are a full-time student or military, please register by calling the Overnight office at 888-TheOvernight (888-843-6837). You will be required to provide student or military identification.

Why do I have to raise $1,000 to participate?
The primary goal of the Overnight is to raise funds to help prevent suicide. These funds support the efforts of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) in a tangible way. By walking in the Out of the Darkness Overnight you will be helping to support the following:

- Research to improve the understanding of factors that contribute to suicide
- Suicide prevention on college campuses through the dissemination of an educational film
- International  Survivors of Suicide Day conferences
- Development of national centers that evaluate the effectiveness of suicide prevention treatments
- Creation of new survivor support groups
- Local and national suicide prevention programs

For more information about AFSP or how funds from the Out of the Darkness Overnight will make a difference, visit

What happens if I don't raise $1,000?
All Walkers must have at least $1,000 in their fundraising account by the week before the event in order to participate. If you haven't reached this goal by then, you can make a donation to your own fundraising account to make up the difference. If you choose, you can make a delayed donation, which allows you up to four weeks after the event to continue to fundraise. Please note that all donations processed by the Out of the Darkness Overnight donation office are non-refundable and non transferable, even if you do not participate in the event. The $50 registration fee is also non-refundable and non-transferable, and does not count toward your fundraising total.

If I'm on a team, do I have to raise the same amount?
Each team member must reach her or his minimum fundraising requirement ($1,000 each or $700 each for full-time students). Please note: Donations cannot be "shared" among team members. Once a donation has been processed it cannot be divided or transfered. Each donation must be directed toward the fundraising account of an individual on that team.

What kinds of tools are available to help me in my fundraising?
We have a staff of friendly, knowledgeable Walker Coaches to help guide you through your Overnight experience, including developing a fundraising plan. They have plenty of great ideas to help you reach your goal. Our website also includes a whole section devoted to Fundraising, where you'll find information and tools to help you out. You'll also receive your own personal DonorDrive page, where you can post a personal message and photo, then send out emails to everyone you know. The email recipients can then click a link to donate to you right online. It's a quick, easy and very effective way to fundraise - we see many participants reach their goals literally overnight with just one email blast.

I forgot my Password and can't reach my DonorDrive page. How can I find out what it is?
Remember that your email address and password are case sensitive. After you register, you will receive an email with your password. If you have forgotten your password and cannot find this email click the "Forgot Password?" link in the login box on the homepage. Type in your email address and click the reset password button. DO NOT click this button more than once. You will receive an email to reset your password in 10-15 minutes. If you continue to have difficulty logging in call your Coach at 888-TheOvernight (888-843-6837).


How can friends and family make a donation to a participant from the website homepage?
On the home page of the website, friends and family can locate a participant by clicking on the "Donate Now" button. By typing in the name of the participant, they will be directed to the participant's personalized donation page.

Is a portion of the registration fee a donation?
No. Your registration fee does not apply towards your fundraising minimum nor is it tax deductible. The $50 registration fee is also non-refundable and non-transferable.

Why is the "Support A Participant" search not finding a participant that I know has registered?
You must type in the first name or last name of the participant exactly how it is spelled; you can also use part of the first or last name for a broader search. It is not case sensitive. If you have a problem locating a participant that you are sure has registered, please call us at 888-TheOvernight (888-843-6837).

How can I see who has donated to me?
Login to your DonorDrive page using the "Login" button on the upper right hand corner of the homepage. Use the Email Address and Password that you created when you registered for the event. You can then view your donor list and the amounts that have been donated.

Are donations tax deductible?
Yes. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. All donations that are made online will receive an email confirmation. You may print this out and use it as your receipt. All donations of $250 or more will received a written confirmation at the end of each tax quarter.

Can I accept donations in foreign currency?
Donations from donors outside the U.S. are accepted. All donations must be received in U.S. dollars. Donations from outside the U.S. may be made online if the donor has a U.S. address associated with a credit card. If the donor does not have a U.S. address, donations must be made by completing your offline donation form. The form should either contain complete credit card information or be accompanied by a check issued in U.S. dollars.

I registered for The Overnight but now am unable to participate. Can I get my money back?
All donations processed by the Out of the Darkness Overnight donation office are non-refundable and non transferable, even if you do not participate in the event. The $50 registration fee is also non-refundable and non-transferable.

How can I make a general donation to the cause?
Click on "Donate Now" in the top navigation bar.


What percentage of my donation goes to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention?
The Out of the Darkness Overnight is a self-sustaining event presented by and benefiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Net proceeds will fund AFSP's research, education, survivor and awareness programs - both to prevent suicide and to assist those affected by suicide. A portion of the contributions will pay for expenses arising from the Out of the Darkness Overnight, an extraordinary opportunity to meet others whose lives have been touched by suicide and mental illness. While it is difficult to know in advance the costs of the event, contributors can be reassured that AFSP will maintain the highest degree of fiscal responsibility in managing expenses.

How does AFSP utilize the contributions?
Net proceeds will benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to fund research, education and awareness programs - both to prevent suicide and to assist those affected by suicide. For more information, download AFSP's annual report.

Where can I get a copy of the 501(c)(3) (Not-for-Profit Organization) letter for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention?
You can download a copy of AFSP's 501(c)(3) letter here.



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