Event Information

Be sure to continue to check this page regularly for new updates. 

Ceremonies Site - There will be a variety of tents for you to visit, including our Luminaria tent, AFSP National tent, Honor Bead tent and others. You will also need to visit the Check-In area to get your participant wristband and turn in any last minute donations. The route will be 16-18 miles and return to the Ceremonies Site where you can have a hot breakfast and coffee before the Closing Ceremony.

Opening Ceremony - A brief but poignant start to the Walk and will include remarks from AFSP's Director and featured speakers. Opening Ceremony usually lasts 10-15 minutes and the route is opened immediately after the Ceremony. 

Closing Ceremony - Is shorter than the Opening Ceremony. The Closing Ceremony includes additional remarks from our speakers and AFSP's Director. 

Please continue to check back for parking details.

The Route

The route itself will be very clearly marked with direction arrows, signage and other markings. These signs will guide your walking tour of Seattle and Philadelphia and ensure that you will not miss a single site along your incredible journey. Mile markers are also posted along the route to help with your pacing, though people often remember the conversations and experience of the Overnight more than they do the mile markers.

We value your safety and have plenty of support along the route to take care of you every step of the way. Rest Stops (with water, sports drink, snacks, a medical team and toilets), Quick Stops (with water, sports drink and toilets) alternate through the route and are located every 2-3 miles. At approximately half-way through the route we have our Midnight Snack stop (with water, sports drink, boxed lunch, a medical team and toilets).

What happens if I can't keep walking?

Though we encourage you to train for the Overnight just as you would any other endurance event, you also don't have to worry about not being able to finish. The Overnight route is fully supported by our "Sweep Team" Crew. This team patrols the route in vans and can transport walkers at any point of the route to the next Rest Stop. From that Stop you can decide to keep walking or take a bus back to the Ceremony Site. 

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Cheering Stations

Cheering Stations are designated areas along the Walk route where your friends and family can safely cheer you on. 

Questions? Contact us at 888-TheOvernight (888-843-6837) or coaches@theovernight.org

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